28 May 2015

Possible (sort-of) Sighting No. 5

The only photo of Joe Wellington (in red) San Francisco 1998

Well, this doesn't necessarily count as a sighting because I spotted him in my dream. 

I was in my hometown in the Midwest. At first, I appeared as a little girl, visiting a favourite music store with my mom. I was wandering around the instruments on the floor, much like what I actually did as a little girl waiting for piano lessons.

Like most dreams, it fast-forwarded to my current adult age. My husband appeared in that same music store and we were playing with different instruments. My hubs started playing jazz on the keyboard (not uncommon in real life) & another man in the store joined in on the guitar. Not sure what this specific part meant but I remember I loved hearing Hubs play.

At some point I wandered over to the next store- one of my favourite "has every record you could imagine" stores and recognised the owner. He said hi to me and remembered my name, something I was often impressed with in real life as a teenager. When I stopped to talk to him, he said something to me about Joe Wellington. 

He knew Joe! He thought Joe and I took a class together at the store (no classes were ever offered at this store in real life). In my dream I remembered that we attended a workshop together (the only thing close to a 'class' we took together was a visit to a psychic in San Francisco, so here's where the dream becomes really, uh, well, dream-like). I asked the owner if he had an attendance record from the workshop and while he looked for it, I became really excited. Giddy. This was my chance to find him! The closest I've been yet to finding Joe Wellington! The roster could also confirm whether or not his surname is Wellington!

While waiting for the attendance sheet, like all dreams do, I was suddenly transported to the audience seating of a performing arts theatre. Folding chairs were set up on the stage in a half circle and a handful of people sat in them. 

Who was sitting in one? Joe! He looked just like he does in the photos I have of him, only with an extremely long hipster beard. 

"That's him!" I yelled to no one in particular. "He's right there, why can't we find him?"

A news camera and reporter was brought in on the spot to cover the story about my search for the mysterious Joe. My husband appeared by my side and encouraged me to go on camera. He said that would be my best chance to find Joe. Meanwhile, the Joe I saw sitting on the stage was fading off into the distance, almost out of view now.

The idea to go on camera made me nervous and I was certain if I saw the roster for the workshop that I would find him that way. I scanned through the names on the attendance sheet and found someone with the name Joe, but not Wellington. I wasn't able to read what the last name was. Darn, so close.

But I woke up still feeling hopeful. 

Stay tuned for more about my continued search on the South Island of New Zealand...