21 May 2015

A Divine Guest Post

Hello, Where's Joe Wellington Friends!

Before we continue our search together for the mysterious (but real!) Joe, I'd like to share with you a guest post I wrote for a wonderful writer friend, Amy. Amy has this AWESOME blog called Divine in the Daily. She is an excellent writer and an outstanding, compassionate person. I've been impressed with Amy's talent for a couple years now. Not just because of her ability to capture all of life's experiences in written form, but because she DOES IT SO WELL.

She puts her life out there- to share with all of us- to remind us all that we are going through this together, so let's share together. Amy's wide range of topics and series always make me think, and usually cry. Her ability to make sense of the chaos is refreshing and something I only wish I could do.

I've learned a great deal from Amy's writing and the people she features. I feel blessed to be included in her "Special Mamas" series.

Click here to read my story about mothering abroad: Adventures in Uncertainty and to meet Amy, click Divine in the Daily .

Thank you followers and stay tuned as the search for Joe continues...