Gathered Info

FOUND February 2016

Hopefully, I will be able to add to this page as the search progresses.

Currently, I know this about Joe Wellington:

-Name is Joe
-A Kiwi
-Visited San Francisco, California early December 1998
-Stayed at Union Square Hostel
-From Wellington area
-Age at least 21 in 1998
-Surname might not be Wellington (UPDATE: DUH IT'S NOT!)
-Does not live in Adelaide Hills, Australia
-likes reading (gave me 'The Bone People')
-likes records (we went record shopping in San Fran)
-likes psychics (we each visited one while in San Fran) (UPDATE: WRONG)
-likes the movie, "There's Something About Mary" (watched together with my parents, awkward!)
-thinks women in the bars from my hometown have "big hair"
-dislikes Walmart (made fun of shoes I almost bought there)
-doesn't live in Eastbourne