31 January 2016

Getting Closer!

Time to get others involved in this search! Er, more like thousands? Ten thousand? Hundreds of thousands of searchers? I may be pushing it, but...

Yesterday, I sent an email to New Zealand's Stuff Newsroom, hoping someone with more exposure would be willing to help me find Joe. It was a giant leap of faith that I'm glad I took!

Today I got a call from a reporter who seems just as excited about this story as I am! Wahoo! We'll be meeting on Tuesday for a chat and some photos. I can pretty much guarantee I won't be sleeping the next two nights.

We're going to find him, I know it!

Stay tuned...

UPDATE: Huge thank you to Jessy Edwards at Fairfax Media! The article is live! More to come about the interview, but for now, here's to finding Joe!