28 November 2015

Wandering Otari-Wilton's

Otari-Wilton's Bush
Gratitude list for 2015:

Grateful for my son's health. His curiosity. His charm. Wit. Snuggles. Sleeping. Preschool.

My husband's insight. Humour. Intellect. Openness. Bravery. Love.

My mom and dad's willingness to travel twice to New Zealand to visit us. Their health. Healing. Their genuine interest in their grandson, son-in-law and their flexibility. Their love.

My brother's easy communication. Connection. Genuine care for his nephew. His perseverance in completing his doctorate. Being a fantastic father to his children. His compassion.

My mother-in-law's love. Her helpful advice. Support, encouragement and easygoing mentality about having to have a relationship with her grandson over the Internet.

Grateful for my friends near and far who allow me to be imperfect. Forgiving and encouraging and kind. Who gently challenge me. Who accept people for who they are- never willing anyone to be someone they're not. Their passion for life, love, others. Loyalty.

I have a true appreciation for our new home and the safety it has provided. Our new landlords, the 'angels' they are- helping us to make a home, offering us a sense of security during an uncertain time. God was listening to my prayers for guidance. I continue to listen to Her messages, too.

Grateful to live in New Zealand. For the tui, the toetoe, the rimu, the flax, the pohutukawa, the pongas. The sea. The colours in the sky. The people.

A ponga tree (silver fern)

The writing. The editing. The writing community. The readers. The passion. The resilience.

I hope to never forget the things I've learned.

The Tasman Sea

Full of grace, this is what I think of as I wander Otari-Wilton's. And I hope you have also found what you're looking for this year and then some.

I wonder what Joe Wellington is thankful for?