7 November 2014

Chirp, Chirp, Peep & A Possible Sighting

I joined Twitter.  Should I add an exclamation point to the end of that? Okay, I’ll try again.
I joined Twitter!
That’s better.
I’ve only been active for just over a month and I’m amazed at the networking. Yes, it’s fun to read what celebrities have to say but more than anything, I’ve developed this sense of community among writers and I actually like it. For the longest time, I was opposed to joining because I didn’t think there was any reason to. And there’s not. Unless you’re promoting your work.
My main purpose for twittering was to help fuel this search for Joe Wellington. Sometimes I forget, and I think readers do too, that he is a REAL person. This is a TRUE STORY. The blog has been great, but I still have not found Joe. And let me just say, I am still actively looking. Whenever I am in the city or at a public event, my eyes are peeled for a JW sighting.
In fact, just the other day, while stuck in traffic, I saw a guy who had some resemblance to Joe. I asked my helpful husband, “Should I ask this guy if he’s Joe Wellington?” My husband laughed, said yes and then, “Oh wow! That’s my friend Oliver!” (At least I think that is the name he said. It certainly wasn’t ‘Joe’).
So that was definitely a failed Joe Wellington sighting.
On Twitter, I added photos from 1998 of Joe and I at the San Francisco hostel, and I’ve asked my 100 followers to RT (retweet). No one- except helpful husband (who is on there to promote his own work) retweets.
I persevere, adding links to the WJW site, photos, and blurb something quirky, something clever, and then of course say something gracious (this seems to be the theme on Twitter)… no retweets.
I add hashtags here and there to see if that helps get my voice heard (don’t get me started with how annoying these #hashtag things are). No one retweets. No one replies.
The next day, sulking in self-doubt, I see there’s an email in my inbox from Twitter with my stats. Apparently I’ve had several views of that particular post with the JW picture and some are even clicking on the link to the blog. So some people are exposed to it, just need that extra push…
And then a favorite! Someone has ‘favorited’ (equivalent to a 'like') two of my Joe Wellington photos! Someone in New Zealand who might actually be able to help me find him!
Now help me find Joe Wellington!