3 June 2014


I'm in New Zealand! Where are you?
My search for Joe Wellington has come to a halt. I’m stuck. I don’t know what the next move should be.
The phone number I had for a 'J Wellington' in the region continues to ring, unanswered. And I try it frequently.
I’ve come to the conclusion that his last name must not be Wellington. Although I was pretttttty pretttttty sure (Larry David-style of sure) that was his last name, I just don’t know how it could be when I can’t find anyone matching his description with that name.
Or perhaps he just doesn’t live in New Zealand anymore.
In this day and age of technology, social media, how could he be so difficult to find? I’m open to suggestions if anyone has any of how I can continue this search.
So where does this leave me, and where does it leave this blog?
I’m not certain.
What I do know is that in my search for Mr. Wellington, I’ve uncovered some pretttty pretttttty old (Larry David-style of old ) writings of mine that have stopped me in my tracks. Moments in my life that I remember perfectly and am grateful to have that document that time in my life. While I’m all in favor of “living in the moment”, sometimes things are so eloquently said in the past that ring true for the present. 
So for now, I will stop with my search for Joe Wellington. All those men on the street I stare at as I pass them will not need to be scared of me any longer. The father at tumbling class will not need to avoid my gaze. No more crazy car chases.
It is time to move on...still open to finding Joe Wellington...
But let's get personal. 
I'm going to allow my vulnerability to create whatever it desires. In the next few months I will be sharing some more personal writings.  Some old, some new. Same blog name. Joe Wellington has inspired me to write. He has motivated me to take risks and get involved. 
I hope all of you will continue to join me during this intermission and remember... if you find Joe Wellington, you better let me know!